Jul 03, 2020

EP 12: Crypto Wars. 01 February 2018 | 28:30. In the 1990’s the Internet started to take shape. But the US goverment had strict laws regulating what type of cryptography is allowed to be used online. A few brave people stood up to the government in the name of civil rights and won the right to use strong encryption. Listen to their battle and Crypto Wars - VICE crypto wars. 6.24.20. Republicans Who Don’t Understand Encryption Introduce Bill to Break It. Senators have introduced a new bill that would force tech companies to undermine their own Tek-Gnostics Net: Crypto Wars

May 05, 2017

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Jul 20, 2019

‘Crypto wars’ return to Congress | TheHill ‘Crypto wars’ return to Congress. By Julian Hattem - 10/20/14 06:31 AM EDT . FBI Director James Comey James Brien Comey Comey, McCabe slams Justice for dropping Flynn case: Crypto Wars and Messaging: How Secure are Skype and