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How to use PGP encryption with Gmail using Mailvelope or Nov 07, 2018 FlowCrypt: Encrypt Gmail with PGP - Chrome Web Store Apr 07, 2020 HOW TO: Use Gmail with PGP Desktop 10 for Windows To use your Gmail account with PGP Desktop, you must first enable POP for your Gmail account within your Gmail account mail settings. See the following link for more information on enabling POP for your Gmail account. For more information on enabling POP in your email client for your Gmail account, click the corresponding link on this page. Mailvelope: How to use PGP encryption in Gmail and Outlook

PGP is clunky and cumbersome and, historically, has had implementation issues that led to security vulnerabilities. Encrypted email services such as ProtonMail offer end-to-end encryption but requires both the user and the recipient to use the email addresses provided by the service (e.g.,, which can make it impractical for a

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