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Many small networks use a router with NAT functionality to share a single Internet address among all the computers on the network. The original version of IPSec drops a connection that goes through a NAT because it detects the NAT's address-mapping as packet tampering. Home networks frequently use a … « covertactions – Encryption software and VPN provider. No traffic or bandwidth logs. Open VPN. 3 simultaneous connections. 127 servers in 23 countries. Located in Hong Kong. For important information on choosing a VPN see our Resources page. OverPlay VPN Review – 2020 | | VPN Virtual Private Network Gateways is an affordable and capable VPN that relies on OpenVPN software. It could be a feasible solution for average users familiar with the program. The lack of social and development activity is troubling, however. Proceed with caution. Review | A VPN worth considering (everything you

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