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Mar 29, 2019 · Channels are also used to send information destined for the internet over the cable network in pretty much the same way that TVs do. Headend/CMTS: Where your cable modem and the modem of other people in your town/city connect to. This is a piece of equipment operated by your ISP that manages all the cable modems and connects them to the internet. The line monitoring system allows you to track the performance of your broadband connection in terms of latency and packet loss.Latency is the time it takes for a piece of information (a 'packet') to get from our servers to your broadband connection, and back. Test the Internet connection on your computer and see if it's stable. Network issues on ISP side. Your ISP (Internet service provider) may be a good resource to check with if your computer is still experiencing an unstable Internet connection. The ISP's technical support can run system checks and line checks to determine if there are any issues I have tried running this on a B+ and my ping rate is through the roof compared to running the same test on my PC via pointed to the same server… andy ideas? Last test via PI says: ping 56.584 download 50.79 upload 7.48. Yet via on my PC I get 9ms ping 85.15 download and 10.03 upload Oct 12, 2010 · Causes For Wireless Internet Connection Drops. There are several reasons why an Internet connection can drop out. The very first thing you should try is Power Cycle Your Network. This is the act of rebooting the modem, router and computers in a specific order. May 24, 2017 · The internet is regarded as a basic human right in some countries but in others, you just have to be grateful if you have a stable connection. You need a fast and stable internet connection if you’re trying to watch Netflix, or play an online game. With most other things, a spotty connection now and then doesn’t impede work. I had a problem with a Comcast connection that lasted three years - dozens of dropouts every day. Finally I wrote a program that continuously tests an internet connection and writes a log of any outages. I showed Comcast the logs and they finally took me seriously and fixed it!

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neural network - Why disable dropout during validation and Short answer: Dropouts to bring down over fitting in the training data. They are used as a regularization parameters. So if you have high variance (i.e. look at the difference between training set and validation set accuracy for this) then use drop out on training data, as it won't be good enough to apply dropout on test and validation data as you haven't been sure about the neurons which are [SOLVED] Best way to monitor internet connectivity Aug 28, 2015

To achieve the fastest Broadband speed possible that your telephone line can support, it is vital to upgrade your BT Infinity Master Socket to a BT NTE5. Furthermore, ensure that you fit the latest vDSL Faceplate which includes an integral Broadband filter. Following these steps can transform your Internet …

How to Use Dropout with LSTM Networks for Time Series A dropout on the input means that for a given probability, the data on the input connection to each LSTM block will be excluded from node activation and weight updates. In Keras, this is specified with a dropout argument when creating an LSTM layer. The dropout value is a percentage between 0 (no dropout… Why Does My Network Connection Drop Every so Often? - Ask Leo! Dec 14, 2003 Internet dropout - October 2017 - Forums - CNET