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Google announced new privacy and security updates to Google Chrome in a blog on Tuesday, with the tech giant promising that it will be more “intuitive.”. These updates include making it easier The easiest way to get Google Chrome is to go to the main Google website and search "Google Chrome". The Chrome download page will automatically detect which version you need (Windows, Mac, Linux, 32-Bit, 64-Bit, etc) and present you with the correct download. From there, simply follow the installation procedure.

Google even highlighted in the release of version 53 that Chrome now consumes much less battery than in its version a year ago. In a comparison running continuous web video on two identical notebooks, the device running the Chrome 53 managed to get a little longer than two hours running the clip without shutting down for lack of power.

Google Chrome is een snelle, gratis webbrowser. Voordat je Chrome downloadt, kun je controleren of je besturingssysteem wordt ondersteund en of aan alle andere systeemvereisten wordt voldaan. Google Chrome app on windows 10 in S mode - Microsoft Dec 22, 2018 Classroom: manage teaching and learning | Google for Education