Feb 17, 2013 · This Drupal 7 tutorial describes how to create a custom menu and position it using blocks, also how to make the menu only appear on the page you specify, then how to assign a URL to a page and

Menu Item Visibility | Drupal.org Jun 30, 2011 Hide menu settings on content creation | Drupal.org Nov 18, 2011 Menu Settings | Drupal 7 Help In the Menu settings, check the Provide a menu link option. The Page Title will be displayed In the Menu link title field, or you may enter the text you want to appear on the menu button for your page.. Under the Parent Item drop-down, select the section of the site you where want your new page's menu button to display.. For example, if you would like your page to be a child or sub-page of [Drupal Pathauto][Drupal 7] How to hide the "URL path

Themes are plug-ins for Drupal that build or enhance Drupal's core look and feel. In this article, get an overview of how the theme system functions in Drupal, including the various components of a Drupal theme and how to determine which components are necessary or optional elements, and learn how to construct a new theme from scratch using the default PHPTemplate theme engine.

To bypass the Main menu, another approach may be less confusing: Deactivate the Main menu in the theme settings and use the Menu block module to render the two custom menus. Submitted by axel (not verified) on Thu, 08/07/2014 - 05:37 Before watching this series, you will need a fresh Drupal 7 installation. Follow the videos in the Setting Up a Web Environment With Drupal to get Drupal set up on your Windows, OSX (Mac) or Linux machine. Some of the key points we'll be covering include: Critical Drupal terminology; How to work with content types and fields; Introduction to 6. Click Delete link to delete Main menu on site. 7. Click Delete button. Drupal 8 Mega Menu main UI. After installing, enable the module and go to Structure > Drupal 8 Mega Menu settings. You will see a list of menus, each menu here is an instance of the existing Drupal menus. Click on any Config link to go to Drupal 8 Mega Menu main UI.

Apr 29, 2008 · How i can hide these options or remove when adding new content. Plz help me to sort out these problem. How to remove Menu settings,Comment settings,Publishing options | Drupal.org

The Menus section is used to sort or change the order of the menu items that appear on a website.. In the admin menu, select Structure and then select the Menus link.. Select List links to edit the main menu of the website.An outline of all the pages of your site is displayed here. Change the order of your menu buttons by moving the drag-and-drop handle next to each menu title into the How to disable the main menu in a Drupal 7 theme