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So to test for MTU of 9000, you actually need to set your ping packet size to 9000-28 = 8972. By adjusting the MTU value its possible to find the supported MTU value in the network. If the MTU value is not enables in the client side the ping output will be : PING ( 8184 data bytes ping: sendto: Message too long MTU Size Matters - Microsoft Tech Community - 1025286 Keep in mind that in most versions of Windows (7 & 2008 R2 & later), MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit is a setting that basically tells your computer how much data to put in a packet to send over the network. Think about it like the difference between taxi cabs and buses in a crowded city. Larger MTU size results in fewer, large packets windows 7 - MTU.Community Jul 29, 2010 [SOLVED] MTU issues in VPN connections - Networking Apr 18, 2012

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How to set MTU size for a Network Interface in Redhat The MTU in simple terms is the maximum size of a packet that can be sent on a Network Interface card. The default MTU size is 1500 bytes. To dynamically change the MTU in real time while the server is in use, redhatlinux# ip link set dev eth0 mtu 1350. where eth0 is the Ethernet interface and 1350 is the mtu size (1350 bytes) windows 7 - Set MTU of interface via powershell - Server Fault I'm trying to set the MTU for a physical interface programmatically on Windows 7:. PS> (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration | Where { $_.Description -match '^Red Hat.*#2' }) DHCPEnabled : False IPAddress : {, fe80::447d:38dc:bb39:f311} DefaultIPGateway : DNSDomain : ServiceName : netkvm Description : Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet Adapter #2 Index : 12 PS> (Get … How To Find Correct MTU Values? | Nov 10, 2019