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a) client b) server c) host d) NOS Answer: A Difficulty level: Medium Page: 243 Response: A client is a node that requests and uses resources available from other nodes. 29. A device, connected to a network, that shares resources with other nodes is called a 30. The acronym NOS refers to the 31. A network of devices in close physical proximity Network Policy Server (NPS) uses network policies and the dial-in properties of user accounts to determine whether a connection request is authorized to connect to the network. You can use this procedure to configure a new network policy in either the NPS console or the Remote Access console.

The device inside a computer that connects a computer to the network media and allows it to communicate with other computers is known as a(n) ____. node A(n) ____ is a client, server, or other device that can communicate over a network and is identified by a unique number, known as its network …

A network server is a computer designed to act as central repository and help in providing various resources like hardware access, disk space, printer access, etc,. to other computers in the network. A network server might not differ from a workstation in hardware, but the functionality it performs clearly differentiates it from other workstations. How To Allow Remote Users to Access Your Network in Apr 17, 2018 How to access network files from IIS applications Apr 17, 2018 A device connected to a network that requests resources