Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) also uses this port (UDP). Sygate Personal Firewall comes with a default rule set that blocks all udp requests, however if udp requests originates from source port 137 or 138 they are allowed, thus a malicious person could get access to all open udp ports on a target merely by sending all requests from

What Ports Need To Be Open For Samba To Communicate With Mar 31, 2017 Communication ports for Symantec Endpoint Protection The management server uses this port to communicate with the Content Analysis server or the Malware Analysis Appliance. 14.2.x versions only. Deprecated in 14.3. TCP 8445. Used by the remote reporting console. httpd.exe (Apache) Initiated by the reporting console. Configurable. All. TCP 8446. How can I configure DNS and WINS server settings for VPN

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Select Network > Interfaces. The Interfaces configuration page appears. Select the DNS/WINS tab. (Optional) In the Domain Name text box, type a domain name that a DHCP client adds to unqualified host names.; In the DNS Server text box, type the primary IP address for the DNS server.; Click Add. (Optional) Repeat Steps 4–5 to specify up to three DNS servers.

How to kill off SMB1, NetBIOS, WINS and *still* have Feb 17, 2019 How to configure WINS Replication The WINS server ‘ADMIN1’ currently has this database. To configure the WINS server to replicate its database, select Replication Partners. Currently no replication partners have been set. To add ADMIN2 [] as a replication partner, right-click on Replication Partners. Select New Replication Partner. Allow Both TCP and UDP Port 53 to Your DNS Servers Furthermore, most organizations have also used firewalls to block TCP port 53 to and from their DNS servers and the Internet. This is double-protection in case the DNS server accidentally allowed