Answered: My iPad Won't Print or Can't Find My Printer

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It can still see other nearby networks, and all of my other home devices are still on the network that the printer was once working on. There is clearly not an issue with the network. I have manually input the name of the wireless network but the printer still can not find it.

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Apr 02, 2018

Cannot Find Printer while Using Wireless LAN - Canon Global Check1 Make sure the printer is turned on.. Check2 Check the (Network status) icon on the touch screen.. If the icon is displayed, wireless LAN is disabled.. Select Active on WLAN active/inactive in Wireless LAN under LAN settings.. If the icon is displayed, see Check 3 or later checking items to make sure whether printer setup is complete or the settings of wireless router to connect are correct. Printer Not Communicating on the Network; Preliminary The printer is associating with the wrong network or network name (SSID). Suggestion: Make sure neighboring networks are not utilizing the same network name (SSID). An Auto IP address of 169.254.#.# indicates that we authenticated with the AP, but the wireless print server was unable to obtain a DHCP administered address from the router.