przemek@przemek-Virtual-Machine:~/Desktop/Linux$ tar zxvf anyconnect-predeploy-linux-64-3.1.07021-k9.tar.gz

sudo 如果终端提示“ Do you accept the terms in the license agreement? ”,请输入 Y 安装完成以后您可以运行以下命令来判断 Agent 是否已经正常启动: ps aux | grep cisco. 如果有 vpnagentd 在运行表示安装已经完成。 9. Now type “sudo ./”. For installing the file. 9. Now open your Application menu and you can see the Cisco Anyconnect client has been installed into your PC. 10. Open the app. 11. We are supporting OpenConnect on two servers now officially. Japan and Hong Kong. sudo ./ Using Cisco AnyConnect Note: If you are a Deakin staff member, both VPN services require you to use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). If you Dec 17, 2008 · 2 thoughts on “ Cisco Anyconnect SSL VPN on Ubuntu Intrepid ” Mike Fri, 01 May 2009 18:02:57 +0000 at 6:02 pm. Thanks! I now have 2.3.0254 running on 64 bit Jaunty. przemek@przemek-Virtual-Machine:~/Desktop/Linux$ tar zxvf anyconnect-predeploy-linux-64-3.1.07021-k9.tar.gz

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sudo ./ Accept the terms of the license agreement. General Steps for other distributions (These distributions are not supported) Ensure that libpangox is installed. tar ‐xzf anyconnect‐*.tar.gz cd anyconnect*/vpn sudo ./ Accept the terms of the license agreement.

Open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get install -y openconnect network-manager-openconnect network-manager-openconnect-gnome" Open Network Connections; Click the + in the bottom left, select "Cisco AnyConnect Compatible VPN" and click "Create" Set a name for the VPN connection, set the Gateway to "", and click "Save"

Set Up Cisco AnyConnect | DKIST Using Firefox, download the the .tar.gz file, use tar to uncompress and untar the ciscovpn directory. cd into ciscovpn and run "sudo". Lots of legalese should appear followed by a cryptic "Done!". Fire up the program via Applications -> Internet -> Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.