Top 50 highest-grossing horror films at the worldwide box Franchise or basis Studio Ref; 1: It: $700,381,748: 2017: It: New Line Cinema: 2: The Sixth Sense: $672,806,292: 1999: N/A: Hollywood Pictures: 3: War of the Worlds: $591,745,540: 2005: The War of the Worlds: Amblin Entertainment Top 25 Highest Grossing Horror Movies Worldwide at

Scariest horror films: 25 terrifying movies you have to see Forget all the foot-licking sex, Don’t Look Now is best remembered as one of the creepiest occult horrors of the 70’s, culminating in a scene that, sorry Freddy, really is the stuff of nightmares. TOP 10 BEST HORROR MOVIES EVER! (2012-2017) - YouTube Oct 06, 2015 List of Top 10 Hollywood Movies to Watch of All Time Calendar of Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies in 2017. Full Schedule of Top 10 Big Hollywood Blockbusters in 2016 . Movie Name. Theater Date. Movie Name. Theater Date. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. May 5, 2017. Deadpool. Feb 12, 2016. Justice League . November 17, 2017. zootopia . March 4, 2016. Kong: Skull Island. March 10, 2017. Batman v

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May 29, 2014 · Crimson Peak is a new take on horror, but set in a time period that makes horror feel more suspenseful than ever. We've never seen a movie that made us so curious as to what the ghosts had to say. Oct 06, 2015 · TOP 10 BEST HORROR MOVIES EVER! (2012-2017) - YouTube 1) Insidious 2) The woman in black 3) Jessabelle 4) Sinister 5) The Conjuring 6) Paranormal Activity: the marked ones 7) Poltergeist 8)

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The 19 Best Horror Films Of 2017 - BuzzFeed News Dec 27, 2017 The 16 Best International Horror Movies Of All Time You can't have a list of awesome horror movies without a few great zombie films thrown in. This 2007 film from Juame Balaguero and Paco Plaza is one of the best zombie movies out there. Despite initially seeming like your average found footage or mockumentary horror film, it has some of the most memorable and disturbing scenes in Spanish cinema.